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Do exercise as much as you can

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Nowadays, most people work in an air condition room and sit in the office for a whole day. They even search the internet after work. Maybe they don't realise how unheathy this kind of lifestyle is. When they keep gaining weight, they think about doing exercise. I want to say if we want to stay healthy, we must keep doing exercise everyday. We should go outside to breathe fresh air and do exercise that you need. Exercising only one day or two days matter is all you need. On...

Sanitation and Humanity

Publicado 11 de abril de 2014 no picture Fredrick -Connect- Zambia

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Water and sanitation are simply the care of water systems, be it water systems in homes or river systems. Zambia is a country rich in terms of water systems, but unfortunately Zambia has had cases of poor water sanitation. This article will also discuss the causes, effects and solutions of poor water sanitation. Poor water sanitation is brought about mainly by illiteracy and rural-urban migration. In Zambia, there are high levels of illiteracy. Most people tend to throw waste...