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Help put an end to two of the biggest challenges facing girls today

Publicado 13 de junio de 2014 Avatar KateVOY

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SURVEY: LET GIRLS BE GIRLS - ADD YOUR VOICE Calling all young people - add your voice and help us to put an end to two of the biggest challenges facing girls today. Ahead of the Girl Summit 2014 we want to hear from all young people. Take this survey to input into the Youth Action Statement, which will be shared with ministers and leaders from across the globe at the Girl Summit. To help you we've also created this resource packwhich contains all the information you may n...

RESOURCE PACK: Girl Summit 2014

Publicado 11 de junio de 2014 Avatar KateVOY

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RESOURCE PACK DOWNLOAD SURVEY: ENGLISH The Girl Summit 2014 is a little more than a month away, and Voices of Youth together with DFID and Plan International want to hear the voices of young people from all around the world on the issues of FGM and Child and Forced Marriage. To help those who wish to conduct activities we've prepared a very comprehensive resource pack to help you.

Have your say on girls’ rights

Publicado 11 de junio de 2014 Avatar KateVOY

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Do you believe in every girl’s right to marry who they want, when they want and to live safe from violence? Speak out to ensure that youth voices on these issues are heard at the highest level. TAKE THE SURVEY: ENGLISH Isabelle is a member of the youth panel for the upcoming Girl Summit (19 July). She is passionate about girls’ rights and effecting real change for girls and women across the world. She has just returned from volunteering in India for three months. Re...

Saving Alice and Alicia.

Publicado 5 de junio de 2014 no picture Ajoke Adebisi.

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Written by Ajoke Adebisi. In September, 2000, the member states of the United Nations made a passionate commitment to address the crippling poverty, hunger and diseases that grip many areas of the world, and also, stimulate sustainable development. Amongst the eight Millennium Development Goals, Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment are considered by leaders in the international community, a specific focus as they are central to all other development goals. Gender Equality is...

Young people shaping the global agenda

Publicado 15 de mayo de 2014 no picture Hyunjeong Lee

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Young people from marginalized and disadvantaged groups often experience exclusion and disrespect. To ensure the rights of young people, society must respect and be inclusive of all, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnic origin, religion, disability or age. Jeremy (Xa Tấn Chương), is a 20-year-old Vietnamese youth delegate to the World Conference on Youth 2014. He is currently studying Business English in Ho Chi Minh City, where he also wor...


Publicado 4 de marzo de 2014 no picture ANTHONY_CONNECT_ZAMBIA

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HIV is the leading cause of death and disease among women aged 15-49 years worldwide. Globally, there are equal proportions of women and men living with HIV, although this varies from region to region. Gender practices, norms and values also influence sexuality, reproduction and relationships. For example, unequal gender relations make it difficult for women and girls to make choices about sex, as well as increasing their vulnerability to violence, early marriage and adverse sexual...

Let's change the mode of education

Publicado 24 de enero de 2014 no picture Venkat

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For a long period of time, we have been following a conventional way of educating children, using books. Why can't we change the mode of the education? Why can't we use the radio, for example when something is narrated? We imagine a lot that this imagination varies from person to person. This is the key to face a future crisis. When we imagine, we tend to provide different solutions. Change the way we educate the children. Introduce fantasies in story telling, instead of narra...

On Being an Ambitious Woman

Publicado 28 de diciembre de 2013 Avatar Carrisa T

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Rumor has it that people around me have been talking about the fact that I am, (from their perspective) ambitious- looking. I participated in plenty of competitions and achievements a lot, and I cannot live more than 2 months without actively participating in an event or competition. As an ignorant person, I do not want to really stress over the fact that they are calling me ambitious or that they are talking about me behind my back, because, hey, it is obviously beneficial for me....

Don’t Blame Women For the Climate Change

Publicado 17 de noviembre de 2013 no picture Achmad

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I just strangely wonder - struck for a while since reading some information about gender and climate change. The first confusing information I have read is the correlation between gender and climate change. In fact, women contribute to climate change. So, should we blame my mother when the climate is changing? Let’s check below for some references! We know that the effects of climate change will vary among regions. It means each country changes greenhouse emissions with diffe...

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