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Happy International Day of Friendship

Publicado 30 de julio de 2013 Avatar KateVOY

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To celebrate International Day of Friendship we asked the Voices of Youth Twitter community to tell us what they've learnt from their friends and what makes their friends so awesome. Here are some of their responses: Manuel, Caracas: “They always gonna stand for me no matter what, that's the deal. Int. Day of #Friendship” Chima, Nigeria: “The most important thing I’ve learnt 4m my friends is that the best way to make & keep friends is 2love without expectations....

Friendship and compassion required

Publicado 17 de diciembre de 2013 Avatar JulieVOY

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Hey VOY! Last Friday I posted about Education for Equity, seen here: I'd like to share with you, "Friendship and compassion required," which was read at the event last week. Written by: Nikola Maljkovic from Serbia With the sun shining and a cool breeze at her back, Sofia walks to school to begin the new school year. At 7, she can barely contain her excitement. She can’t wait to meet her teacher and find out if any of her new classmates love anim...