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How do you feel the media represents disability?

Publicado 13 de marzo de 2013 Avatar Francisca Lily

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I have started to investigate the way in which contemporary media represents disability (more specifically physical disability). After taking a closer look, I have realised that the media plays a huge role in society. Whether it be through radio, internet or broadcasts the media has a huge influence upon society. In my own opinion I do feel that the media does unfairly represent persons with disability. The mass media audience, I wonder what views they may have of persons with a...

COMPETITION: Be the brain behind the next VOY Citizens video

Publicado 9 de septiembre de 2013 Avatar KateVOY

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UPDATE: Deadline for submissions extended to 23 September. How many times have you watched a video clip about internet safety and thought to yourself: “Hmm that's boring or lame...I can do better” ? We're giving you that chance… As part of our involvement in the Global Youth Summit: BYND2015 and the Be Smart Be Safe session, we're launching a competition to give young people the chance to help us create a powerful awareness raising video about internet safety. W...

Which One Will You Choose: Digital or Printed?

Publicado 21 de septiembre de 2013 Avatar Emilia Siahaan

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Everything is about digital nowadays. Technology, especially internet, has helped us a lot in doing many things. The most common thing that has been shared is information. The easiness to share everything is used by many people for education, too. You can find a lot of digital books in so many versions, and even you can download it for free. You also can download any presentations if you want to learn simpler. Sometimes, we find it hard to buy the books because somehow the cost...

Youth filmmakers to present their work at international awards ceremony

Publicado 8 de octubre de 2013 no picture theoneminutesjr.

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Around the world, young people have been making one-minute videos in UNICEF-hosted OneMinutesJr. workshops. Eager to express themselves, youth participants share their viewpoints on subjects such as disabilities, juvenile justice, violence, their future and their lives. Now, 15 of these youth filmmakers are nominees for the 2013 OneMinutesJr. Awards and have been invited to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to present their videos at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam...

A way tech companies could "save the world"

Publicado 18 de noviembre de 2013 no picture Mariel García M

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Everyday, we hear tales of the ways tech companies make a difference. Apps that will somehow solve problems that big institutions couldn’t in the last 50 years; social networking sites that somehow spark revolutions that people themselves don’t… Many tech startup pitches would give high schoolers the idea that, in order to eradicate poverty, there’s no point learning about poverty itself; you just need to learn how to code. This overly optimistic talk of technology (bri...

Youth Filmmakers Attend Masterclass - Day One

Publicado 29 de noviembre de 2013 no picture theoneminutesjr.

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Slowly, they gathered in the IDFA screening room for the first Masterclass event presentation. “They” are the nominees for the 2013 OneMinutesJr. awards: youth filmmakers who participated in UNICEF-sponsored OneMinutesJr. workshops around the world. The youth have come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Libya, Georgia, Mexico, Pakistan and Ukraine and are joined by several local Dutch youth. IDFA, the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, has partnered with the...

Supporting young people as they emerge and develop as speakers in communication systems

Publicado 6 de diciembre de 2013 Avatar KateVOY

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By Dr. Guillermo Orozco, México. If anything currently distinguishes young lives, we would bet it be their positioning in the digital world. A positioning that is both a cultural and communicational survival in a world full of inequalities, fragmented identities and social, political and economic differences. The challenges that this offers for young people, and for those adults who accompany them, are many. First of course one must locate oneself within a participatory culture....

Story of an orphan in Russia...

Publicado 19 de diciembre de 2013 Avatar JulieVOY

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Media training continues in Russia with the story of an in orphan in Russia. Anton Kass, one of 16 attendees of the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) training workshop in Saratov, Russia wrote Alexei's story. Alexei is “campaigning not just for his rights but those of orphans all over Russia.” As an orphan, Alexei is entitled to a flat by the government, but is still waiting. Kass picked up Alexei's story on diversity which was a 5 day course to cover stories of diversity and inc...

Celebrating Africa's literary works

Publicado 30 de diciembre de 2013 Avatar Mukhtar Muhammad

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Literature celebration:African literature as the name was coined refers to the literature originally from Africa. It can be termed as the literature of Africa. As postulated by George Joseph in his chapter on African Literature in Understanding Contemporary Africa is “the artistic use of words for the sake of Africa alone.” The African continent of vast lands and the black race through its illustrious literary works and its sound creative writers have been making significant changes. These c...

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