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Social media: A common activity

Publicado 23 de julio de 2014 no picture Elhachemi Sabi

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Using social media is one of the most common activities among today's youth. A recent survey in the U.S. shows that 51% of teenagers log on to their favorite social network at least once a day and that 22% of young people do more than 10 times daily (Common Sense Media, 2009). Sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, which have developed at high speed during recent years are proving highly popular with young people, especially because they offer them the opportunity to be entertain...

Tweet @voicesofyouth & you could be in The Guardian!

Publicado 23 de junio de 2014 Avatar JulieVOY

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This week we are teaming up with The Guardian again to ask for your input on financial literacy and education. Here's how: • Follow us on Twitter @voicesofyouth where we'll be tweeting a series of questions for those of you under 24 years of age. • Answer the questions & use the hashtag #CSRchildren • We will RT the best of what you have to say. • YOUR input will be pulled together for a Storify, like this one we recently had on VOY. This Storify will be included in...

Tweet up your mind!

Publicado 19 de septiembre de 2013 no picture Arya Satya Nugraha

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Social Media Phenomenon: What Could Be Easier Than Speak Up Our Mind? "Tweet up our mind" could be. I have attended two schools in two different Asian countries. One is in an emerging country (which happens to be my country of origin) and the other is in an affluent city-state. Students in both schools do not seem eager to speak up in the classroom. I guess in countries where the olders are so much respected, the likelihood of youngsters becoming silent is hi...