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What would I do if I were a millionaire?

Publicado 13 de julio de 2014 Avatar maryb

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That’s a very difficult question as there are so many problems that I would like to solve. At first, I thought of what discourages me most in my life and of what injustice I see. And I saw the old people around that are just disrespected and who aren’t treated fairly. It makes my heart beat fast and the feeling that I can’t take all the pain off their faces makes me grit my teeth. Then what came in my mind were the wars and violence that had been staying with us for the entir...

Access to quality education for young Africans

Publicado 11 de julio de 2014 no picture Ansu Jack

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I just want to share my reaction towards Education in Africa; I think it would be excellent, if the UN invested in the field of education to provide first class universities in each developing country in Africa. This initiative would permit young Africans to possess or deliver their expectations. It would also discourage young people travelling to the Diaspora. If Africa has massive a number of well educated students then the future will be bright and the challenges in Africa will...

If I were a Millionaire........

Publicado 11 de julio de 2014 no picture PoonamVOY

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In this modern 21st century, money has become the part of human life. Money in the world is a factor for friendship or enemity; co-operation or war as well as development & destruction too. Money has become the symbol for status & power. Really, money is an important part of human life if we use it properly because the negative aspects about money such as - enemies, war, destruction, or discrimination occur because of human ego & human greed, not all itself by money....

Changing my world

Publicado 23 de junio de 2014 no picture Kay

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I cannot change the whole world by myself but I could start with my world. Don't judge me if I sound a bit proud but so far I feel like I've lived right. Everyone has a story, a passion, and goals but more often than not it all stays at "I'm too shy, I wish I was bolder". Don't give up. You have a purpose, and someone needs to hear your story. Someone believes in you. You see, I have never done drugs nor have I been promiscuous so my story may not be about addictions, recovery or...


Publicado 19 de junio de 2014 no picture Angélique Pouponneau

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A child is born, a resource to our world; Her first thought is not the right vote; In her mother’s arms she’s curled; Her eyes full of hope. She cries because she is hungry; Her mother’s heart aches, For she has no food to give her; But it is that which she needs. A right to food, a right to a home, A right to feel safe, a right to roam; The world awaits her vote but she awaits a meal; It is that which the world must give her. Her mother’s love, a warm plate...

Egzona Blogpost

Publicado 12 de junio de 2014 no picture Xona

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The day I found out about Lokalizo there were many reasons why I wanted to get involved. I saw the potential of this project has, specifically the ability to create a strong connection between the citizens and the government which is very important, while I also thought that it will be a great opportunity for contributing to this project and gain experience. I also liked the way Lokalizo wants to appeal citizens for making them more responsible for changing their communities.While...

They Were Murdered

Publicado 25 de mayo de 2014 no picture Victor Brown Omovbude

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I cannot speak of the number of deaths or give an estimation of the total number of youths that have lost their lives due to certain issues linked to a rapid desire for change, wealth and fame. But, one thing remains clear: The majority of deaths have occurred due to an abrupt change in the ramifications of socioeconomic standards altered by political thugs. This unwanted adjustment has made the need for man in a do or die affair. From the unlawful demand for peace and harmony youths have lost t...

Parents Have to Help US Save the World

Publicado 22 de mayo de 2014 no picture Marci Krzk

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The older generation is responsible for this broken world, but the youth are also responsible too. We have to come together to develop ideas and new projects, because if we don't do it today, we will have a really bad future. Moreover in the industry we want to make more money and don't look at the environment, but some firms have ideas and do what is against these problems. Together we can do it, and not alone. We as the younger generation, also need the older generation, wh...

Do we need a practical education?

Publicado 14 de mayo de 2014 no picture Gandharva Sharma

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In the 20th century where everything is based upon practical knowledge, most of the schools/universities/coaching classes in developing countries still have not realised the importance of an educational strategy. Educators are still focusing on: REMEMBERING FORMULAS MUGGING UP EQUATIONS/VALUE/DATA CLEARING BASE EXAMINATIONS This is not only hampering the future of students but also a nation itself. When students leave the university and move out to real world, they face...

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