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During the holidays we usually have our close relatives at home to spend the summer holidays with us in order to keep the family bond of love and unity. One afternoon, i heard someone singing words grinnin’, sweating’, kissing’ hugging’ fucking' touching’ lovin’ and to my dismay my cousin 16 years old, rushed to the sitting room dancing provocatively in a sexual manner. Few minutes later her younger brother 9 came in and was singing “All i want is your waist” with a...

CRC@25 – How to involve youth in a meaningful way?

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A few days ago UNICEF celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in the UN General Assembly in New York. The day was filled with speeches of eminent personalities, from heads of governments, to ambassadors and celebrities. But the strongest and most fascinating speeches and interventions throughout the day, came from the people who this day was dedicated to – children and young people from around the world. Ehab Monzer for example, a youth re...

Politico: Online Education Run Amok

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Private companies want to scoop up your child's data. Read more:


By: Caitlin Emma Massive open online courses, first envisioned as a way to democratize higher education, have made their way into high schools, but Washington is powerless to stop the flood of personal data about teenage students from flowing to private companies, thanks to loopholes in federal privacy laws. Universities and private companies this fall unveiled a slew of free, open-access online courses to high school students, marketing them as a way for kids to supplement t...

How to Film Protests | Part 2 | Prepare to Film

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Before you film risky situations yourself, make sure that there is a person with you to be your assistant and to monitor the scene with you. A very important thing also that you shouldn't take photos in which appear persons' faces. Because videos these videos can be used against protesters. So you need to protect people by filming from behind or by out of focus or blur features so that they can't be identified. { Remember It's your responsibility to protect them. } Once you...

The price for a Corruption free society is expensive

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I am driving to the airport to catch a plane and time is running out. A traffic officer stops me because I forgot to renew my insurance which is overdue. According to law and procedure, I have to go to the police station and write a statement for the offence I have committed of driving without an insurance. When I think of the cost and the hustle I will incur if I miss the flight, I decide to part with some money instead as a bribe to the officer so that he can let me through-which...

Powerful Young Leaders Interview: Baroness Lindsay Northover

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The Powerful Young Leaders from Mams FM got an amazing opportunity to interview Baroness Lindsay Northover from the UK. Baroness Northover is the UK Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, the chief representative for the Department for International Development, and a member of the House of Lords. Charity and Made spoke to her about her interest in South African youth and the role that youth should play in society.

Youth Participation in Politics and Governance

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In democracies like the one I live in, politics is, whether we like it or not, an integral part of our lives. In everything we read, everything we eat and even in everything we touch is a story interwoven with politics. We know of people who have given up their lucrative careers to come into politics and do community service; we know of committed “career politicians”, and we also know of the greedy and the slovenly type who live off public property. Therefore in politics, a...

Every student's nightmare: Procrastination

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Everyone's struggled with procrastination. I can procrastinate with reading, watching TV, eating, even watching videos about how to stop procrastination! Sometimes, it feels as though I would rather do anything but study for a Chemistry test. We know that we have deadlines - flashing, bolded dates on calendars and diaries, but somehow, we just can't seem to start working. As deadlines loom above us, we suddenly find another YouTube video that we have to watch, a friend we have to c...

Global Warming

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Its seems to me that this summer is much warmer than the previous summers we have had. The rain has not even been constant, it is not so often that rain starts in December. Mostly it begins to rain constantly and often late October. It must be that there is too much heat in the atmosphere causing the water vapor not to condense but if there is condensation then obviously we wont have rain. But what will happen to our country if there is no rain? The gases that are let out into th...

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