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The boy that made a change.

Publicado 5 de diciembre de 2014 no picture Artemis B.

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"Once upon a time,somewhere at the Earth,there was a small village,with almost 80 people,living there.Most of them were elders,but there were many children as well.Most people were farmers; they were begining their work before the sunrise and they were returning after the sunset. But,there was something strange at the village.There was a very mysterious hole ,near the forest,which was named "The Hole".Some people were saying that someone opened it,but forgot to close it.Others,used to s...

The Perfect Weekend with "Storytelling"

Publicado 26 de octubre de 2013 Avatar Aulia Maharani Karli

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The weekend is the perfect time to spend the day with your family; having fun in the city park, playing football with your dad, shopping with your mom, taking music classes or cooking in the backyard. But, have you ever imagined about spending your weekend with Your family in the library? Surrounded by the books, old articles, sitting Together in the silence? There are no such “silent” Things at “Crystal of Knowledge”, Central Library of Universitas Indonesia (http://lib....