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Children in the 21st Century.

Publicado 26 de junio de 2014 no picture OMAR ALI

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We call it civilization or industrial revolution. The world is getting more and more complex each day and the same is moving at an alarming speed. The speed that tends to even overwhelm us, the people bringing up the changes. But still, we call it development. It is a good thing, I can't object. The world has to grow and lives have to improve. One thing we tend to forget is that the world is not developing at a uniform speed everywhere. In some places, mostly Africa and Asia, are a...

Are Diamonds Really a Woman's Best Friend?

Publicado 27 de octubre de 2013 no picture Sabrine Boukhatem

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Bling vs. Bang “In America it is bling bling, in Africa it is bling bang “I borrowed this expression from a movie named “the blood diamond” to start writing this article. In the United States the duty of every respectful loving man is to put a pretty ring with a big white shiny rock on his beloved’s finger, well I’m not saying that it is banned or shameful, as they say “diamond is the woman’s best friend”, it turned out that this is not true after watching this movie and readin...