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A BIG thank you VOY! One year on ^_^

Publicado 27 de diciembre de 2013 Avatar Francisca Lily

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I have been on a journey this year and I have been able to share my experiences with the VOY community. Discovering VOY was the best one this year! I have finally been able to share my thoughts with likeminded people and connect with people my age around the world who care about the same issues I care about and take an interest in. This is a community I love being be part of! The earlier part of 2013 VOY became an escapism because I was able to put across a side of me who my frie...

Bullies stop this, it won't last forever

Publicado 15 de noviembre de 2013 no picture Lama

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To Bullies: Stop, #ENDviolence. It Won't Last Forever. There is a lot to say and so much to work on. Bullies do not heal by bullying back, shouting, or being suspended. I don't think these kind of things help at all these days. You need more powerful things. You need to reach out to their hearts, their feelings, inspire them. They should change their thinking in to another way. Maybe they should put themselves in the bullied person's situation. Most importantly, they should k...