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What is Systemic Alternatives?

Publicado 20 de febrero de 2014 no picture Cadmus Atake-E

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We are living a systemic crisis that can only be solved with systemic alternatives. What humanity is facing is not only an environmental crisis, an economic crisis, a social crisis or an institutional crisis. It is a crisis of humanity and of the Earth's system. This systemic crisis has been triggered by the capitalist system – whose relentless pursuit of endless growth and profits at the expense of the planet and people – has pushed species to extinction, biodiversity to criti...

The world needs your conviction

Publicado 31 de diciembre de 2013 no picture Kwoba @H_Kwoba

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Forget all the sensational stories you have ever heard or read, don’t mind the discouragements thrown at you about how what you seek is impossible. Disregard the words, the texts, the complexities and harsh realities. Stick to that you want to achieve, maintain focus and live as if this was your only ultimate goal. Because it should be, it has to be if you want to achieve it. Define it, model it, and then execute? Yes the world needs changing; from the hunger, war, greed and th...

The Future is NOW

Publicado 16 de noviembre de 2013 no picture RaniaAissaoui

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It is no secret that we live in a highly consumer-driven world. The controversial phenomenon has reached incredible heights, so much to the point that not even the earliest and most passionate capitalism advocates could have imagined. While many criticize the current state of society and show apprehension at its brainwashed state, a more optimistic approach would be to turn the tables and change this to a positive thing. What better way to change the way things are than by investin...