I Am A Person; Treat Me Like One

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‘Celine passed away. I’m sorry’ Had I heard it right? Were they playing a trick on me? This had to be some kind of joke. I stared so hard till her face became blurry. It was true; there was no turning back. She was really dead. I was sick that day, so I didn’t go to school. Watching Homer strangle Bart was hilarious. That was before Megan, my sister popped. It looked like she bit into a sour lemon wedge ‘She jumped out. Right out of the window’ I started to laugh so hard. How could she b...

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    hi..my name is Chelsea. I'm an Anglo-Indian teenage girl with many interest..i like to cook,to sing,to play the piano,to read and to write. World problems mean something to me and so, i would like to help, even if it's in a small way.

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