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YOUTH SELF DISCPLINE IS NEEDED Change is a matter of choice and it should be desired. You cannot make someone change unless they have the desire to. People must be reminded that even with the highest education that if there is no good behavior applied they are more likely to fail. HIV/AIDS is not a new song to youth, it has been sung for the past few years but it seems to be falling onto the ears of the deaf. The only problem is that youth are putting a blind eye to thi...


    Am young women who is eager to fight sexually abuse and abuse that young children are going through in the hands of older people!!i leave to be an example of youth who gained strength and be able to know that we are not the reason guys seem to rape and abuse but we are powerful ,beatiful leaders of tomorrow!!i refuse to be brought down and act like a victim am ready to fight for our voices to be h

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    Lets fight Abuse, Botswana