Youth Think Tank on Climate Change and Health in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a developing country of South-Asia with poor health infrastructure, inadequate health education and poverty. We are facing numerous health related problems since our birth in 1971. Due to huge disease burden and cost our national growth is being hampered. Though some achievements have been done in health sector, our overall health status is not satisfactory. There is health inequality between poor & rich, urban &rural people. Moreover, Climate change is a big threat to our...

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    As a young doctor I have decided to pursue my future career in Public health and research .My decision to abandon my promising medical career and dedicate myself to the needs of public health was no sudden whim. Looking back, I believe that I had been preparing for such step from much earlier stage.My motto is "Protecting health, saving lives……..millions at a time."

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    BRAC Healthcare Innovations Program (bHIP), James P Grant School of Public Health, Bangladesh