The Value of Education

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When the topic is all about studying, most probably you will see students rolling their eyes over, if not complaining, about the hellish examination they have recently undergone. While a very few have almost painted success at the back of their minds and have viewed the great horizons that hopefully awaits them, some are still searching, not even sure about how they are faring so far. Indeed, studying has been one of the most compelling and yet most overlooked issues teenagers face...

"The woman is a reflection of her man"

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'The woman is a reflection of her man' She does not know if this was ever how she thought her life would turn out to be; She has no memory of her dreams and visions anymore; she is dull, depressed, anxious, lonely. She is numb. How did she ever fall for this monster? Her worst moment, she recalls, was when he knocked her to the ground, and kicked her hard; everywhere; her head, back, stomach. But it was not the beating or insults hurled, that made this moment particularly bad...

All they need is a SMILE. :)

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Recently I had the opportunity to join a community service project organised by the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa together with the Sri Lankan Society of University of Bristol, UK. This project was held at the SOS children's village in Piliyandala,suburb of Colombo. SOS children's villages are dedicated for children who are orphaned, abandoned or neglected by their families. Even though they don't have parents, they have the protection from the authority and most importan...


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Many girls and women alike are being violated globally on grounds of their gender,culture, class, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, to mention but a few. In my own words, Violence Against Women refers to any deliberate act of terror or subjugation meted out on the female gender to make them feel inferior, harass them sexually, inflict physical pain on them, and disorient them psychologically and which could ultimately lead to trauma or death. Violence Against Wom...


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Many see it as legal, others see it as illegal but the bottom line is that it has been an age-long controversy which even the medical practitioners subscribe to and in most countries is legal, which makes it a dicey topic. That notwithstanding, there are salient points which I would like to share with as many who care. Abortion is the act of terminating and forcefully removing the foetus/embryo before the completion of its gestation period. There has been a misconception that a...

Plural+ Awards 2014: "Deepening Community"

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Interview with Michael, William, Mathew and Nathan, four young filmmakers from Canada. 1. What is your video about? We were approached by the author, Paul Born, of the book called: Deepening community, finding joy together in chaotic times. He asked us to make a video and song about the book and then sent us off to do our thing. We wanted to get across a combination of books’ views on community as well as our own experiences of community. The videography came naturally when...

How We Should Live.

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It is easy for us to blame our defeats and misfortune on others. We tend to criticize people without having an idea about their circumstances and we prefer to believe in prejudges without going through facts. It is easy for us to spread hatred and to call for wars and we find it more comfortable to blame a communities for a crime or sin committed by an individual. We spend our lives focusing on one tiny detail to the point that we miss the whole picture; which is bigger and bri...


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I believe in equality. Equality in its absolute purest way. Because if we break it down to the basics, we cannot find a difference in us. Everyone of us is a human being. We are made of atoms which once were part of one giant earth ball - long before there was life. Every nuance - and every thought - comes from there. From atoms such as hydrogen, iron, carbonate, oxygen and nitrogen. That is what we are made of. Each and everyone of us. And everyone of us has a heart that p...


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HOPE Like feathers that perch in the soul, The tune without the words, Resembling the distant sounds of trains, Carrying life-saving embers of Victorian coal. Beautiful things come out of nowhere, A touch of providence ushered by the diviner's sword. We cannot always understand, But we have to trust. The sages say, 'question everything', The cynic cheers 'yes'. Reality erodes all affection, Faith, love and spirit charge screaming, 'bless!' 'Hum...

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