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We deserve to live together in peace.

We deserve to live together in peace.

Violence is an issue that some of us face. It is a dangerous act of hatred towards someone. The damaged cause by violence is intolerable. The collateral damage of this cruelty is far beyond our ability to handle it.

Recently, in my country, the news reported that 38 men took turned to rape two 15 year old school girls. Can you imagined that how cruel it is? Just a few days before, a pregnant mother was buried alive by her husband and was found dead. I was so ashamed, sad and angry when I first heard the news.

When I was a kid, there was a viral video that was spread amongst the teenager. It was a real horror to watch. The girl was beaten up by a gang of people because she was found unfaithful to her boyfriend. The worst part was they took a huge stone and smashed it on her head. The most surprising thing was nobody reported this case.

I also remembered watching a footage of a Syrian girl was been raped by the terrorist and left her in the middle of the abandoned city. There was a man who tried to help her but was shot to death. I don’t understand the joy that they were getting from their action.

There was a video on YouTube somewhere in the Middle East, a man was running away from a group of people. They threw stones at him until he was unable to run. They beat him up like his life was worthless. Then they burned him alive.

This has to stop now! If this is who we are then we’re heading in the wrong direction. I am aware that in some cases we can’t do anything but that doesn’t mean we have to stop. We need to educate people that violence will never solve anything.

These people died in the hands of a cruel murderer. They miss out on the symphony of the nature and the rhythm of the rain. Those who are still in the land of wars, star gazing is a luxury that they cannot afford. We are born to make a difference. It’s how you take that opportunity and make a change. We can be the change.


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