‘Give us a chance,’ the youth.

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Businesses are realising that us – the younger generation – are more important than their investments itself. We are a business decision that occurs every day. Understanding that youth are likely to take over their company years preceding, is to some daunting.

How come?

We may love Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus sticking out her tongue, but we are the mind that will later on lead a million dollar company.

Business starts from an early age, from when your mother gave you a monthly allowance. It’s the decision upon whether or not you choose to save it or spend in on luxuries. It was up to you... your business decision. Though many would not know it at the moment, they’ve made decisions that might affect themselves or the people around them.

I’ve heard many say that they are not ‘business orientated’, which I found quite dubious as everyone must have some business intellect. I’ve seen someone, many of times, try and convince someone to buy a R1 packet of chips for R1,50 to add some interest, because they were too lazy to buy it themselves.

Dealing in business is self-taught and can also be a natural talent. I could always remember seeing some job applications with a requirement of ‘excellent business decision-making’. True, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but how would you know whether not you are excellent on decision-making itself. Is it more on good judgement or actually doing what everyone does – the ‘right thing to do’.

Trying to get businesses into recruiting young is always difficult. I have a cousin, who has just come out of high school and is struggling to find work. I know he has good decision-making skills and is a hard worker but every time he applies for employment they tell him the dreaded ‘you are too inexperienced’. How is he going to get a job in the first place, if no one wants to take him because of being inexperienced? The gumption of it all is: He wants a job to get experience.

Businesses need to start opening up more to youth, whether it’s allowing unpaid internships or shadowing workers. The experience is all we need to be able to work and create good decision-making results. If you want continuance, give us a chance. That’s all we are asking.

- Lynn, 19

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