"We Need More Communication!" Let's Vote!

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#PEMIYUK ( Pemilu Yuk )

Let's vote! That's the translation of the video's title.

And yes! Yesterday was the general election peeps! I am so happy to share with you my first time ever involved in such a big event, on a national scale, which happens once every five years! Personally, celebrating the coming of a general election in 2014 was such a great honor.

This is my first time I contributed to give my voting right. Although most people above my age said that the atmosphere during the time of this general election was not that splendor, I felt very enthusiastic and it was a nice round. But as a first timer voter, what made me sad was that the government didn't communicate with the youth about the general election thoroughly and clearly. I would have liked to have known who the candidates- like who they are, their mission and visions, their track record, the programs to implement and so on. I felt so blind at first because when I knew the general election was two weeks away, I still had no candidates to vote.

For this, I agree that the government should communicate with us, particularly youth about the candidates that will sit in parliament because they are the ones who will represent us and determine the betterment for the nation. Well, I obviously didn't let the lack of information lead me not to use my voting rights or desperately vote everyone in the paper and make my vote invalid. No matter what condition, I was determined to vote my choice and not let my vote be wasted that way.

I figured out how to get to know the candidates well, thanks to the modern era that earns internet! I went to the media center of general election commission official site to look for the data and decide whom to vote. The data was there. But, that still puzzled me. Because the source was only PDF-filed data and contained the curriculum vitae of the candidate and their organizational history only. Moreover, there was the part of DPRD candidates (the ones who will represent the people's voice for province area) where the PDF-filed data couldn't be opened. I didn't know what happened but I was pretty sure it wasn't my internet connection fault. I tried many times till the following days before the general election to open it but it was still error. How could this thing happen?! Thanks to another media on the internet that has sources about the data.

Three candidates for each category to vote finally decided!

However, I think those things didn't represent the candidate profile as well. It's a bit helpful, I admit. But, in my personal opinion, it's not enough for novice or probably people. Because a PDF-filed data couldn't tell us whether those candidates are eligible and most importantly qualified to be elected. We couldn't determine their credibility only by seeing the PDF-filed data, right?

But instead of blaming the lack of information that wouldn't change anything, I still felt great and blessed today for being given a great opportunity and giving my vote for this time in the general election. It was the Indonesian people's Democratic Party. Every Indonesian should have celebrated it.

Last but not least, I truly hope from my deepest heart that the elected candidates be fully responsible for what they had promised to society. You spent a lot of money, time, and energy to have the position. Don't let the negative thoughts play your heart and lead you to abuse your position to satisfy your ego and forget the people who had chosen you. Do not ever let all of your endeavors to be wasted and in vain due to your greedy thoughts. Always remember that you have a super big rock to lift. You have people to be prospered. You have a moral obligation to make us happy. You have a duty to better the nation. You have a duty to prosper with the people in need. Remember, you are there because of us and for us all.

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