"Working Together in the Happiness"; When Business Involve Youth and Children

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The picture from: http://kompasmuda.com/

The picture from: http://kompasmuda.com/

“Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business”.

This question sounds really rare and successfully makes me think deeply about the answer. When I was thinking about “Business”, the situation that to my mind is; a young man, bringing lots of water-color and the brushes for painting. He is going to the garden with so many children waiting for him. In the middle of their activities, the young man’s phone is ringing and the man says “Alright, I’ll be there in 10 minutes”. So, he’s going to a tall building with many people inside who greet him, “Hey brother!! You look so awesome with the paint in your face” then “Welcome Sir, the minister has arrived and wait you. You should change your clothes.”

Well, the easiest way to develop children and youth is to involve them with many activities and support them with the sources that we have. As the owner of a big or even a small corporation, “Children Development” should be the most important program to be released. Because we all know, the children are the next generation who will help and carry on our dreams to make a better world. When business is a part of someone’s life, perhaps they might not have enough time to play and share together with other children around them because they have so many things to do to develop their business. So at this time, the role of “Youth” is really important. Gathering with children on the weekend, in the library or playground, is a great idea. Support such as funds and foods can be provided by a corporation.

In this case, I would love to introduce a corporation from Indonesia, “Kompas Gramedia Group.” “Gramedia” is a big and famous bookstore in Indonesia, it doesn’t only provide the books but also Stationary, Sport stuffs and the Edutainment stuffs. The same Gramedia bookstore, “Kompas” known by Indonesian people as a big corporation, publisher, radio and TV-station always provide us with the daily news and also many books. Kompas are not only working with the professional journalists but they are also working with youth in “Kompas Muda” who always try to give the Indonesian people, youth, and children a big place to get many information and share their thoughts. As the media has been known and trusted by the community, this kind of corporation has a great chance to do many activities with society in order to develop youth and children. We also don’t need to worry about “Whether this activity will evolve and be sustainable or not." I think the media always has the greatest role in informing people’s perspectives about information.

So, when business has successfully involved youth to work together in order to develop children, “Working Together in Happiness” is a nice term to describe this kind of work.

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