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Source: clearcomplexityblog.com

Source: clearcomplexityblog.com

2013 is almost over. It is Dec, 30th 2013 when I’m writing this post. We will enter 2014 soon, and maybe most of us think that new year can be identified by the resolution of the year. People will make their own goals and targets, and maybe some of them will just keep the targets that they have not been accomplished yet. For those who are still confused as to what to do in 2014, maybe this flashback of the best and worst moments of 2013, will give you any inspiration to do something, whether it is small or big.

1. Malala Day

The world celebrated Malala Day on July 12th in order to rise awareness about the importance of education and gender equality. Malala has inspired a lot of people in this world. Malala has changed the world’s view of the meaning of education as the part of human rights. Malala who had gave a speech at UN was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and has given a huge hope and inspiration for youth and children.

2. Conflict in Syria

I actually don’t know how to start when it comes to this problem. It’s just a long story that needs to be finished immediately. Even it is told that it is a common thing to see missile, bomb, weapons, and war for children who live in Damascus. The conflict that started since 2011 has given birth to so many problems – health, refugees, violence, crisis, and others.

3. Katy Perry as The Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF

The famous singer Katy Perry become a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF - it was announced on December 3rd. Katy Perry will work by encouraging youths to talk about the issues they believe are important. Katy Perry will also go to some countries and make a campaign about several issues and give motivations to the young people.

There are actually a lot of events that I still want to show you, like the death of Nelson Mandela and the impacts for the world, International Day for Youth, World AIDS Day, the 50 years celebration for Martin Luther King’s speech, World Humanitarian Day, Haiyan Typhoon disaster in Philippines, and other important events.

Knowing that there are still so many things that need to be fixed, I guess there is nothing wrong if we start to do an activity to help the world, so that the world will get well, soon. Inspirations has been given along 2013, whether it comes from the presence of a person, the death, even from the nature itself. It is totally up to you which part do you want to take, but I suggest you to take at least one role, one simple role, to contribute for making a better home for everybody.





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