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Muhammad Daivi.
Source: http://www.merdeka.com/jakarta/berani-masuk-jalur-transjakarta-bisa-kena-busway-kick-daivi.html

Muhammad Daivi. Source: http://www.merdeka.com/jakarta/berani-masuk-jalur-transjakarta-bisa-kena-busway-kick-daivi.html

I found a very interesting article in the newspaper. It is about Busway Kicks. What are Busway Kicks?

In Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, there is a transportation called Transjakarta. It is not a new vehicle or a modified-car, it’s just a new system where a bus (Transjakarta) has a special track on the road. The track is called Busway. It’s just like a train system, but without any rail, and the vehicle is bus. Other vehicles on the road (actually) are forbidden to go on the Busway. Transjakarta is built in order to reduce traffic-jams which is already a serious problem in Jakarta. The government hopes that this kind of public transportation will decrease the tendency of people using private. Transjakarta offers a free-from-traffic way.

However, there are a lot of drivers that are not disciplined, not paying attention or appreciating the rules. They just go into the Busway, causing a traffic jam. It means Transjakarta has lost its privilege and function. The Government of Jakarta has already made an effort to overcome this problem and to have Transjakarta gets its track back. They gave people a sticker that indicated they can't use the Busway, but it failed.


A 62 year old man, Muhammad Daivi, started a movement called Busway Kicks. This movement started November 9th. Daivi saw a Mercy that went through the Busway. He felt so fed up and finally he gave his thumb-down, just like a dislike button. The Mercy driver shouted with anger at Daivi, and Daivi said that this is a Busway and he is supposed to be out on the way. That Mercy driver finally shut and drove her car out of the Busway. From that day, Daivi and some people that also support his movement, do the same thing to those who try or already take the Busway as their track. The movement is not only giving a thumb-down, they sometimes give them a ‘shoo’, do the boo-ing, and even take pictures of them and post it on social media.

Daivi said that it takes courage to tell people that they are in the wrong because he himself still finds some obstacles for doing Busway Kicks. It is important to remind them that it is not right, so that they will not cause any loss to a lot of people. Daivi has made a patent for this movement. Busway Kicks is appreciated and supported by a lot of people, including the governor of DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo. Although it is a very simple and little act, it has hugely impacted others. Busway Kicks also represents a protest to people the middle-high economy class. The assumption is the people in middle-high economy class are those who get enough education, but they are also the ones who offend the rules.

In my eyes, I salute Mr. Daivi for being so brave. I also want to highlight that he created this movement at his age which is not in young anymore, but he still has that spark to make a change. The bravery to tell what is right is also a point that should be noted.

So, how about you, friends? Do you want to be as brave as Mr. Daivi?


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