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The old town center of my town, Târgovişte

The old town center of my town, Târgovişte

First of all, I want to say that I am really excited about being a blogging intern at Voices of Youth: I am now allowed to speak my mind to people who want to know more and who want to relate and understand me, not judge me. This, the feeling that what I say matters, that I am heard, is absolutely unique. My only concern is that I won’t be able to picture my entire world for you, but I will do my best!

Now, I would like to tell you a little about myself. My name is Marilena, but shorter and more international, you could call me Mary (as all my friends do). I live in Romania, more specific in a little town in the south, Târgovişte (I will get to why this town is great in this post too). I strive everyday to find myself, my own and unique self, in this country, with its opinions, its habits, its traditions. There are moments when I find it difficult, but I do my best as I believe that if we, the youth in Romania do nothing for our country, who else will do?

I should say that Romania is situated in the Eastern Europe and all along with many other countries, it has gone through a revolution in the 1989. That was a crucial moment which brought a fundamental change in our country. Passing from communism to democracy is a very long process and it requires a lot of visionary thinking, and maybe in one of my next posts, I will talk to you about it. But my point is that it isn’t finished. We are still struggling to define our morals and to build a world that puts together our long history, history of men who appreciated freedom and justice and peace, and the reality we live in, of progress, smart phones, social media and programming.

We, the youth of Romania, have to help this country finish its ride through this change. Our parents have done their best, but it is our time. My country, as it is seen by me, a teenager, deals with many problems. The many changes that came after 1989, have thrown us off balance and caused new issues that have to be solved now. For example, there is a deficit in education, as our system is not very organized and the number of people who actually want to learn is decreasing constantly. It should also be remembered the high level of distrust in our politicians and in our laws which is experienced by many Romanians. But if I think about future, the most concerning aspect seems to be the fact that a lot of youngsters don’t believe in their forces and in the impact they could have on our country. It is important because we, young people from Romania, are the only ones to change this situation, by investing our abilities and time in this country, in which we should believe. So, that is in my opinion one of the biggest challenges put ahead of our youth, to improve old habits and beliefs.

And here I am, with this thinking, finding me responsible for the future of my country. I am 17 years old and what I do now is try to find opportunities to volunteer, get in contact with people who could help me grow, by their ideas and their points of view, and help them too, with my experiences and abilities. I also try to study as much as I can because this is a way in which I could express myself, act and ultimately matter. Probably I will get round to what I am passionate of, speaking of subjects at school, and why I chose them to help me in my process of developing.

But for now, I would like to get back to my town. One historical interesting thing is that our town has once been the capital of Romania. However, history is not to be neglected but is not the most important in my opinion, because we are living in the present. And speaking of present, I am proud of my town, proud of the environment it is offering to our youngsters. I have to say that even we don’t all get on with each other extremely well, there is always someone in my town for you. Apart from family, every young man or woman can find here support and love. You love arts, we have a High school of Arts; you love literature, we have courses of journalism; you love science, we have me and the amazing people I know; you love dancing, we have courses. By dint of these, you will meet a lot of amazing people and it is just impossible not to discover someone good for you.

This post is coming to an end and I have spoken only about my country and my town. I promise you that in a future post I will also speak about my identity in this international world that we live in. I have to say that the problems my country experiences are not the only ones, but they are my immediate concern. I think we, Romanians, need to have a strong support from home if we want to solve bigger problems that other countries may face. We can always help other nations, but if we had a healthier environment at home, much more people could be engaged in this growing process.

I hope I had given you a bit of food for thought and that you had enjoyed this post, as I definitely enjoyed writing to you. Please leave a comment with whatever your thoughts might be, and help me become a better self!

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