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Katy Perry with The Brooklyn International High School

Katy Perry with The Brooklyn International High School

Participating in the Katy Perry event at UNICEF House on December 3rd, 2013, was the most memorable and exciting thing! Not only was I delighted to see her, but also very thankful to her for helping young people in poor areas. My favorite part was when she was talking about the experience she had while she was in Madagascar with UNICEF. One was when she said that kids have to walk barefoot across mountains in order to get to school. I found this very heartbreaking. Katy Perry didn’t only help young people in Madagascar, but she also made a memorable and inspiring song, “Unconditionally,” as a result of her trip there, which touches me. It’s very generous of her, especially for a “celebrity” to constantly help those who can’t help themselves. I think Katy Perry being UNICEF’s new Goodwill Ambassador is fantastic. The reason is that when she was with the kids in Madagascar, you could see that she really cares about helping others who don’t have the same chance she has. You could see the joy on her face when she was with them.

Katy Perry can inspire young people to be the change they wish to see in the world by going to other poor countries where more help is needed to survive. She already inspires me, especially after seeing her in Madagascar, ready to change people’s lives. Therefore, sharing her impressive voice to raise awareness about what is going on in other countries or making more songs that talk about poor children and adolescents will strengthen the voices of children and young people around the world.

Katy Perry is already the champion of children and adolescents because of her enthusiastic interest in supporting them. Just as her trip to Madagascar changed her life and inspired her to become a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, participating in this event at UNICEF inspired me to be the change I wish to see in the world. I hope she continues changing peoples lives and being a positive role model for young people.

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