A Message to the World Leaders

Avatar Perry Mwiba
Inscrit le 31 août 2012
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Dear World leaders,

We do understand that power is sweet, but the respect people have for you is more than that power. People show you the respect and trust they have for you by putting you in office for a specific time. When your time is up and they want you to continue they will vote you back into office and if they don't want you please respect the decision and step down because it’s their right to choose who they want.

Every human being has a right to life but look at how you are violating this right because of the wars you have brought because of your desire to hold on to power when the people no longer want you. Please look at how the people are suffering and how many lives are being lost; mostly we the children are mostly affected. We have a right to education but we can't go to school because of the war, we have a right to life but look at how we are dying.

Honestly, how do you expect to have future leaders who will lead our countries to prosperity when we, the young people are being killed? How do you expect to see a better world when you are not leading or setting a good example to us young people? Please consider your people first and not power.


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