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Agro pasture system in Africa

Agro pasture system in Africa

Have you ever heard of Agro Pastoral Forestry?
It is a new method on educating students in field which is by Agro Pastoral Forestry Field School. This education focuses on collaborating the realms of agriculture and pasture. It has been implemented in some regions in Africa, such as Uganda. However, Indonesia has started this education over thousand years ago. This educational method was introduced by a local community, but was newly recognized by researchers. It aims to educate the local community on understanding the importance of agro pasture system in building resilience. This method can also be instrumental in refining long-term community actions for enhancing better land and herd management, sustainable crop intensification and diversification of livelihoods within a Save and Grow framework. Agro pastoral education is intended to educate farmers. In Indonesia, field education was established by the FAO in 1989 aimed to support farmers to better manage their production systems for sustainable production. Another aims is to reduce rice pests to improve the management of the entire ecosystem enhancing the natural enemies and the productive capacity of healthy plants. Implicitly and explicitly, this education has been implemented in senior school and the university level by focusing on an agricultural program.

Agro pastoral field school is generally abbreviated as APFS. In this school, there is a programmer who manages the specific curricula for being educated to the targeted people, including students and farmers. As expected in the long term, this education will help people to be sophisticated agriculturists and pastoralists. In Uganda in particular, agro pastoral field schools take a multifunctional approach by holistically addressing food security, animal and human health, land rehabilitation, territorial landscape management, market access constraints and other environmental, social and economic issues (FAO Report 2013). Furthermore, in Indonesia, some experts on agriculture, forestry, pastoral, and fishery combine these backgrounds into an integrated education system to help Indonesian people work in these backgrounds. That integrated system was addressed to increase the yield recovery and productivity.

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