A perfect World


Inscrit le 20 juin 2011
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What would a perfect world be like?

I try to imagine it would be a place where we all have the same rights, a place were we are all free. Maybe it could be some kind of paradise were we all are brothers and we know that we can count on each other every single time we face struggle. My mind goes crazy just by thinking of this place. I can imagine countries not being afraid of one another, instead being all just one nation in which we base our laws on morality and ethics.

In that perfect world violence would not exist; it would be replaced by peace. There would be no hunger nor poverty, there would be no unjust laws, no environmental problems nor wars. Wars would just be a thing of the past, from which we have learned from and moved on.

This world would be THE perfect place, but sadly it's just a dream, a dream that most humans share.

Our task is to make this "dream" our reality.

Let's make this world our world, our perfect world.


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