A positive sight to crisis

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© UNICEF/NYHQ2009-1236/Pirozzi

© UNICEF/NYHQ2009-1236/Pirozzi

Madagascar has been living in a political crisis for four years. The aftermath is fraught. Many families were broken due to the high cost of living. The threat is a part of daily life due to robbers, cattle stealers and other attacks that grow like weeds. The political war, corruption and inequality makes one believe that justice does not exist. It was four years of trouble, full of tears, and rescue appeals.

However, I firmly agree that it was the best thing that could ever happen to Madagascar. The country has handled two main political crises the past two decades, but this one is particularly important because it has touched the collective awareness. Malagasy people aspire for a change. The expression of this need of change varies. We respond enthusiastically to the squandering of our natural resources and the embezzling of public funds. We try to value liberty, expression, and democracy. This is just the beginning, and there have not been changes yet. However, we react vigorously than the years before.

The recent election is supposed to be a way out of this infernal crisis. And it will be if it brings us to equality, transparency, national reconciliation and solidarity. I hope that the future President will bring change that leads us outside this thunderstorm so that we can see the sunlight again.

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