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Inscrit le 17 octobre 2011
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This item was published on May 5 last year in the Spanish edition of "Voices of Youth." Because a major initiatives genre, I extend the invitation to the English-speaking community.

This is what I do. One proposal, an initiative. So we see what we can do to change the world. I propose to those who wish, to comment on this article about their countries, cities, schools ...

Let's talk. Let's say that we care about problems, we believe in solutions, we can express our opinions. Establish contacts, either by creating emails or websites (or through social networks). Let us form a group of committed people across the borders. Communicate with our friends, classmates, teachers ...

Let's show our power. Count our experiences through this forum, let's spread our communication. We will see and show the world that youth is really committed to reality.

Aside: Please excuse my English.

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