A Student From New York Was Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools In America

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Inscrit le 20 mars 2014
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A 17 year old boy has recently been accepted to all TOP 8 Ivy League Schools in America. We should be so proud that one of our children of 2014 has achieved something really immense, instead of being a typical kid who is interested in all social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. He decided to take his brain to the next level and read books, study constantly, and go to school. This boy reminds me of my brother, my brother is 21 years old. He is my inspration because he has been through a lot of things. He recently graduated from Westminster University in London. Sometimes he would come home and tell me and my mom that it is not easy to go to University and do well. Sometimes he would say he wanted to drop out, but my mother did not want that and she wanted him to go to University and do well. With all that being said, HE GRADUATED!!! The reason that I say this is because they are alike and it is because they never gave up. They always pushed themselves.

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