A Vicious Cycle


Inscrit le 8 novembre 2011
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The lack of clean water affects more than just health. Many of the problems in Africa such as increasing poverty and poor education, along with existing health issues, can be traced back to the lack of clean drinking water. The vicious cycle begins with the women and children. It is the woman's duty to go and gather water, they often pull their daughters out of school to help then carry the water jugs. The young children who cannot yet carry water are left all alone at the home while the parents are working or collecting water, and when mothers become sick from the unclean water they rely on the children to do it all. In cases like these, the children will never be able to attend school again and get the basic education they need to pull their families out of poverty, thus creating the cycle. Water is a basic need that many people in these conditions unfortunately don't get, how can we, who have so much, not be doing enough to provide this most basic of necessities?

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