Ability - not disability

no picture Sneha Hossain
Inscrit le 6 juin 2013
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Recently I had visited a home for a service meet. I was asked to take care of children. Children who were full of life. People categorize them as "disabled". I would say that is a very wrong usage of the word. Just because they are unable to perform certain activity they can not be simply termed as "disabled". I would rather say they are the most able individuals in the world. They are happy among themselves and are so open and so loving. If an individual is not able to do something he or she cannot be termed "disabled". For example if someone can not cook you cannot term them as "disabled". I think people should treat everyone with equal manner. The children were great. The most important and most special thing that they have and most of us lack is they accept what they are and accept people into their lives. They want to live happily and most of them are living. I am glad that the children are in good hands. The volunteers and the people working there are so loving and caring towards them. They are their family. I learned a huge lesson on Friday from them. I was able to connect and spend the day with them. They are such pure souls. They are so beautiful. They are able not disabled.

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