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This foundation is a Non Governmental Organization proudly managed by Young People, who defined themselves as Outstanding Servant Leaders from the crowd. With young creative vision of serving the world in the service of Humanitarian Philanthropy service. primarily centered on Children, set to ignite sense of belonging to our Children ‘Nigeria Children’ most especial the Vulnerable/Less privilege...d ones among us, in and across Africa and the world at large. Our Primary Aim Is to Promote Child Rights and Development Through the following strategies:

Qualitative, Wonderful/ Educative Packages. Life Support Packages. Promotion of Good Health and Capacity Building.

This Foundation also has a club with a name ‘’My Peers Club’’ a pre-eminently what to do and how to do it club. Which define our motto: Every child is gifted. ‘’The club provides a platform for a child to show-case his /her God given talent and get trained on it or them, for effective use of it in the society.

VISION STATEMENT: We Saw A New World Where Our Creative Young Servant Leaders are Using Their Godly Purposed Destinies in Changing, Re-engineering, Re-constructing, Re-forming and Re-branding our World to a free world where Greediness, Hatred, Diseases and Hunger doesn't exist.

MISSION STATEMENT: These Children are the Message we sent at the Future we cannot see, therefore we must. Help, Protect and Save Them To Accomplish The Mission of which there are purposed for…

OUR MEMBERSHIP: Our Membership Application opens for Individuals under the age of 3 to 20years old, through Letter of Application, Interview, Examination and Two Months Trial before final Certification as a Bonafide Member. For more information, donation or support, please contact: (+234) 07031633709, 08136822558.

E-MAIL: mypeersfoundation@gmail.com

JOIN US AT: www.mypeersfoudation.blogspot.com

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