Abuja Bomb Attack on the UN Building - Our Nostalgia

Avatar Ugwuja George Odinakachi
Inscrit le 10 août 2011
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I was in-between a scene in my screenplay when I heard an explosion, I quickly rushed to my Radio because I suspected that something had gone wrong. Minutes later, news of an explosion inside UN house a few kilometers away from me filled the air. At first, I was shocked to hear the news and a lot of things filled my mind, I thought of all the effort our new administration is putting to revive our economy and regain confidence for us in the international community, I thought of what other youth leaders from different countries of the world will think about us, I thought of our loss and our sorrow, because we are all Nigeria citizens and will be generalized while addressing this harm, I sobbed for my country for the first time.

In a developing nation like ours, where the zeal to acquire more knowledge has been the pursuit of the youths, where we toil and write to get our voices heard on the issues of universal primary Education, a certain group of people, after being brain washed, have decided to say thank you to the United nation, for helping our children go to school, for healing us of diseases and wars, for helping us preserve our culture and identity, for showing us a way to embrace science and technology, is it this kind of thank you that this people deserve, don’t they deserve our protection, love, and affection? Why must we bite a finger that feeds us?

But we the youths must say this, we refuse to identify ourselfs and our dear country Nigeria with the group of brainwashed people that committed this evil. We wish to state that we are not of the same frame of mind and are not in any way supporting of their intentions, however reasonable it may sound.

Earlier than now, youth leaders from Nigeria has condemned the act on facebook , twitter and other youth social forums, but as we slept and woke up this morning, some of us drive out for businesses in town, I keep looking at the faces of my fellow Nigerians, the feelings of lost and fear is all over the city. It is more that the fear of earthquake because sciences can predict the next occurrence, it is worst than the fear of flood, no one knows where it will be next. And now, I have come to realize that this fear has not only come to leave with us, but with citizens of other countries that associate with us.

We are calling on UN to understand that this is an act of international terrorism, instead of withdrawing from us; they should help us fish out the perpetrators of this evil and bring them to book. Though there is fear in our country, it still remain a country with new administration of positive minded leaders, we have hope, we have future, yes, we have future.

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