Actions Speak Volumes

no picture Cadmus Atake-E
Inscrit le 31 octobre 2013
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Pondering about life and our actions, I discovered that the responsibility to make a sincere change in our generation lies deep within each of us. We make our own path in life, we decide our own fates, we decide what we want out of life simply because we are all free willed beings, but ponder on this. Great powers comes with great responsibilities and that's why we all need to take full responsibilities of what we do with what God has given to us (our giftings / talents).

Just as we have the free will to act we also have to take responsibility of whatsoever our actions results to...

We need to be conscious of our daily actions, how we treat our fellow humans, animals so the environment will also be the same way we are treated by them.

Respect earns respects and vis a vis. Destroying our environment and lives is more or less, destroying our own lives and sources of livelihood, our environment is our life and the people living in our environment makes life more lively and more comfortable.

Remember your actions speaks in volumes, it is your actions that determines your sense of maturity and belonging.

Don't ever forget this. You are judged by the actions you take in life. So let's stop the act of ecocide and homicide, we all need each other to make the world a better place for living.

We all need each other to survive on planet earth...

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