Alice In War-Land

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Imen Al-Nighaoui
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What they call a ‘Typical life’: A small family (a father, a mother, a daughter and a son) living in a nice house by the river with a big garden. Their day starts at 6:00 am, the mother is making the breakfast, helping her children to get dressed, and the father is getting ready to go to work. The school bus is already here for the children, the mother waving peacefully to her two kids and her husband is heading to the office. The mother already cleaned the house and she is shopping now for dinner and after that she is going to her Yoga classes.

It is already 7:00 pm the children are watching TV with their daddy while mom is in the kitchen making sure that everything is ready for the family dinner. They are gathering around the table eating peacefully, chatting, laughing and having fun. It is already bed time, the mom and dad are watching after their children and wishing them a sweet dreams and tight sleeps.

Meanwhile in the War Zone: A small family (a father, a mother, a daughter and a son), who just lost their house because of the bombing. Everything they have is burning now: the books, the clothes, the furniture, the family pictures, their memories and their dreams. The two little kids are crying because of the scary sound of the flying fighters above their heads.

The mother is trying to calm down her kids and covering their cold small ears with her hands while she is trying to control her fears. The dad is desperately trying to find something useful underneath the debris and the ashes. There is no school today, because the school is no longer useful, the windows are broken and the doors are in pieces. There are no more boards, no more tables and no more classes.

There is no dinner today, there is no TV today, there is no bed today … There is nothing today.

They made a fire and they gathered around it, while listening to the bombing nearby, they get used to it already and the children are not afraid of it anymore, they are even counting the number of explosions as a game.

The mother is wondering where and how her kids would sleep. The father is thinking how he is going to handle it and what he is supposed to do, the house is all gone and they are homeless now with thousands of people like them.

It is already the sunrise or is it the sunset, he doesn’t really know. It doesn't matter anymore, everything changed now; he lost his thirty years of work in one second and now he is going to start from scratch.

                              *********THE END*********

Many people got killed and many others lost their houses because of the war. Children lost their parents and parents lost their children, many of them are living in horrible state; no food, no shelter and no help.

Before approving your government’s plan of war you have to think of those people that you may not know but with your approval you will destroy their lives. Stop your country from killing people and destroying others countries. Tell your government that the funds spent on wars is better spent on helping poor people in your own country and in other countries across the world.

I wish someday the dream of World Peace and the non- violence community idea will become reality; and that the wars, conflicts and violence will come to an end.

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