All You Need Is Love


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The love starts with you.

The love starts with you.

What is love? Why is it so hard to be loved? These questions rushed into my mind a few years ago. What I thought to be a simple question to be answered but instead it was a life changing experienced. It was a journey that changed my perspective towards life and shine a light on love.

It all began when I was just a little boy. My sisters love to watch dramas on television every day. I vividly remember a drama that aired every night and they would watch it religiously. The main theme of the story was a wife struggling to save her family from falling apart. I remember the question myself, “Why is love so hard and complicated?”

As I grow up, most of my friends had a boyfriend or girlfriend. In some cases, they liked to have a lot of them and would spark some drama of their own. I thought to myself “We are young and yet we give our heart like it’s the last day of living”. Most of the time, they would end up with a broken heart.

I had a friend that was constantly in the shadow of her family. Every night she would cry herself to sleep. I usually called her to ask if she was okay. I would give her the motivation and strength that she needed. For me, she was a victim of love. She hungry and deserved more loving than she had right now. It broke my soul every time we are on the telephone together.

Days goes by and I’m getting older. I have discovered that some people love the same gender. I was initially surprised as I was not exposed to this. I noticed that this kind of relationship was hated by a large number of people. As my knowledge and understanding on this topic has expanded, I question the hatred that surrounds same sex lovers.

Now, I am a 17 year old boy. I may not be as smart as other kids but I understand the true definition of love. It is not about the drama or the number of lovers we have. It is certainly not about showing off the prize that you will win. It is about an honest relationship that creates a bond between two people.

Love is love. Everybody needs to be loved and there is no price to obtain love. Love is sacred. We should not divide our love based on skin colour, race or even sexual orientation. We should spread love and give it relentlessly. All we need is love to be happy and love makes us smile. So, forget the drama, hatred and everything in between and know that what matter the most is love.

Spread love. Stop hate.

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