Anywhere you can make the difference :)

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Inscrit le 13 août 2014
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To help others, it is not necessary to leave the country or go further away from where you live. There are places, community centers where you can make a difference in the smallest ways.

In September, I will help people with reduced motor skills in Fatima. I decided to volunteer with a friend (The same friend who will go with me to Africa when we grow up).

The good is to contribute to the happiness of others and I'm sure I'll love it. I think the smile of the people who are being helped will encourage the volunteers to stay there for a few more years.

I think I got more interested in volunteering and have the incurable desire to one day go to help the kids, because my father was more than a year in Cape Verde to help build schools. He says he was one of the best experiences he had and one of the best things in the world is sees the eyes and the smile of a happy child.

And I'm sure about that!


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