Aren't Migrants Human Beings?

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This is where these people live,
surrounded by the cities entire garbage.

This is where these people live, surrounded by the cities entire garbage.

Why is it only "Migrants" are treated so cruelly. I was really shocked to see people in such vulnerable conditions. It is a very sensitive issue that nearly 12000 people including children, women, elders have migrated from the north-eastern states just in search of a job and are exploited when they reach their destination. These people have no proper shelter, food, health and sanitation and not even basic education for their children, which are all considered to be basic "HUMAN RIGHTS."

It is really pathetic that neither the people nor the government have realised the seriousness of this issue, and when it comes to proper living standards and compulsory neccessities like daily food for the family ....It becomes a struggle for the migrant workers. Apparently these people are not given the wages that are promised to them. As a matter of fact, even the government's subsidiary for these people also do not reach these people.

As tommorow's leaders, lets not just keep quiet when we pass by such people. "Change is the only thing that never Changes." Lets bring the CHANGE.

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