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Inscrit le 10 août 2011
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Millions of Children living in rural villages across Africa are up to Ten miles away from Primary School Locations. Some villages are seperated by rivers and streams, how do these children achieve their basic primary Education. what are the challanges facing their our Back to School Film Campaign, we use films and Documentaries to show the challanges these children face and suggesting possible ways to help them achieve their dreams for the future


Because we cannot live in expectancy anymore, every day we see children hawking during school hours, and the other children are affected by civil crises, they are displaced and are begging in the streets. We believe the stakeholders have not seen these challenges.

That is why we have initiated a campaign to use films and documentaries to show to the world the challenges affecting United Nations Millennium Development Goals in Africa. We have visited a lot of remote villages in Africa and we discovered that to achieve Universal Basic Education and Girl Child Education, we must start to address the issues of:

· Poor Transport System of Primary School Students

· Conflict Resolutions to end series of Civil Crises

· Climate Change Adaptation strategies

Most of these issues are articulated in our upcoming film captioned ''VISIONS OF A SLAVE GIRL''

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