Be Wise On Your Choices


Inscrit le 26 août 2011
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Nowadays, we see how millions of people suffer due to lack of food, nutrients, water or other important resources that are needed for their health and living. I think, generally, that everyone in the world should give in a little token of some kind that will be able to help theses people who die from time to time because they have no food. No one is asking for hundreds or thousands, but if everyone is able to put in at least 20 or 40 ringgit a month, for charity and the needy, imagine how much we would be able to collect, enough to feed those who need to be fed. Instantly around 50% of those who need food will be fed and other organizations will do whatever it takes to put the money to proper use. Help those who are hungry, everyone eats good food, they want some too. Lend in your hand of love.

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