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All of us might have experienced bad things in our lives. Some just on a bad day, but some events cannot be forgotten. My bad experience was when I was hit by a motorcycle. The worst part of the injury was on my right leg and I could see both the blood and flesh. Just a second before the motorcycle hit me, I still remember hearing the loud horn. That’s why I would not want to cross the road by myself for a while. Every time I wanted to cross the road, and I heard somebody honking at me, I was scared and would grab someone's arm really tightly even though. Thank God it wasn’t long lasting and I could cope with that condition. I wasn’t scared with the sound of the horn anymore and I could cross the road alone just two weeks after the accident happened.

I want to share with you how I deal with my trauma. Here are some activities that you can do:

1. Pray

Prayer is my best recommendation whenever you feel scared or are suffering. It will give you a relief, a happy feeling, and encourage you to fight against your fear factor.

2. Talk to the ones closest to you

By talking to those closest to you and who really understand can help. It may be your parents, your best friends, your mentor, and others. You can share your feelings and you will receive huge support from them. Knowing that there is somebody who wants to protect you really helps you to get your courage back.

3. Think positively

Just suggest to your brain that this is just a normal bad day, an experience you had that just came in another form. Life is about ups and downs and you will never be forever in a down phase. If Phoenix was born from the ashes, then these bad things will also turn into good things for you, sooner or later.

4. Make something from your fear

It may sound so weird but in my opinion it will surely work. For example, I’m afraid to cross the road because I don’t want to get hit anymore. I will make a poster, a design, a song, poetry, and other forms of art that show how to cross the road safely. Besides giving you a positive suggestion to yourself, if you publish your work to your blog or any other website, it will help other people to stay safe, too.

Our fears might come in so many forms. Maybe some of you have experienced worse cases than mine. It might have been a car accident, a robbery, a bullying incident, or even war. Experiencing trauma is a normal thing as a human-being and is hurtful, but I want you to know that you are never alone. Get up and take your courage back!

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