Bee-ing Strong Together: One Love Manchester

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© Unitika Schlawenger

© Unitika Schlawenger

Unfortunately, the news was nothing new.

But being human, the terror possibly intended to be felt was felt right at the core.

The whole world shook once again appalled after the Manchester Arena attack.

Summer beckoned an upbeat start to musical festivals, events, tours, and gatherings.

It was a similar gathering of unbreakable unity achieved under the banner of unity which was targeted.

Who in this big world aimed at disharmony?

Weren’t ranks already created due to previous events enough to deal with?

Like the whole world, I was absolutely shocked about the news – its target to a musical event hit home.

Because no matter what has ever happened to our humanity, music has never failed us.

It has always united us, from all of life’s troubles and worries, even if temporarily so.

Music, is a new world all together.

And it is the world of harmony and unity. It is the world of emotions and feelings, the world of connection.

It is possibly true that all humans can possibly outrun language barriers through music.

Such a harmonising medium can never be thrown to the grounds.


A united community stands strong, always.

It is the display of unity even at the harshest of times, which shows the true bonded motto of a nation, of the human race as a whole.

So, my heart along with others was warmed up quickly with another feeling, the warmth of unity, of love, of caring.

I was swelled with pride for those who did not see themselves but others.

Compassion was soaring in the air, eating away all feelings of rage, shock, or terror.

The heights to which certain humans went just to care for their fellows, regardless of any discriminations, made me proud.

It was a silent declaration that humanity still exists.


The community recoiled from the aftermath with unity.

Town squares were filled with congregations of support.

Best pals constituting the labels of a Jewish women and Muslim man went hand in hand before and after a united prayer.

They sadly still attracted some glares, but they not paying attention but rather heeding their normal routines played an example to many right there and then.


I was to visit the UK for some medical callings.

Upon reaching the airport, I saw not one but many signs of support towards the country.

“I love Manchester”

It warmed my heart right then, all over again.

Respects were due from myself, I was soon in midst of yet still a large gathering of tributes.

And as I lay the bee balloons amongst the pink ones, I vowed a silent promise, we would never be under-estimating the power of love, the power of unity, the power of bee-ing strong.

The smiling bees were glowing as I wiped off the emotions.


I was proud to have laid down my respects. I was even more excited to be in attendance of a bigger international tribute. The benefit concert planned for the victims of the families and for the general support seemed to be the only way to console my soul with peace.

One Love Manchester was not only a showing of love and support, it was to be a great show of unity with musicians, and the general public as well.

The fact that the tickets were sold out under 10 minutes, and the ever-growing lists of supporters, and broadcasters made the whole event into the biggest answering call to terrorism ever.

Being part of the movement, almost the whole world was to bee-strong.


Whilst gearing towards the headlined event, it was terrible learning that even fresher attacks were attempted. I had yet to find some way to bring the initial effects to calm down.

But vowing to never let the fear define us, the event was never once thought to be postponed or withdrawn.

Bee-ing strong was still on.


A few hours remaining until the gathering, I gathered myself up and went towards the Stadium ground. Scores of supporters were already mingling, and being there for each other.

Conversing with the other attendees and particularly the great youth turn-out, I felt proud to be on the same page as my fellows.

We were to always bee-strong.

For humanity, we owed it.


The event itself was so heart-warming that it is something that I can never forget.

I can never un-see the unity a simple banner of music caused. I cannot un-witness the revival and soaring spirits everyone had. I can never, after this event, underestimate the power of love, of support, of hugs, of unity.

I remember smiling at our brave police officers who yet again went ahead to display touching acts of support – from the hugs the community showered upon them for appreciation, to their efforts to eradicate even the tiniest grief within.


And as everyone bid goodnight to a day which was a lesson to the entire world, chanting musical positive vibes, walking out in harmony hand in hand, I will always remember the tingling in my soul and the thought that this is us, the future.

A future with not an ounce of fear or backing down.


And I saw the clouds glimmer in appreciation.


For all those we lost during this journey, we will fight on, until the whole world glitters with peace and harmony.

Unitika Schlawenger

June 2017

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