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Inscrit le 11 novembre 2011
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As a young person in America, I've always realized that I am seen differently because of my age. Although it is not uncommon to have this happen, I sometimes wonder why some find discrimination in age not as offensive as that of age or sex. Now, I'm not proceeding to say the occasional discrimination I face based on my young age is anything compared to the inequality faced by women, people of different races, and such. However, I do feel that I should be given an equal chance in this world especially in cases that I am viable to do such things as a job, put forth my efforts to help the world, or even just express my opinion without it being dismissed because of my age.

I have experienced such occurrences a couple of times in my life. One of them that seemed to irk me a bit more then some of the others was in my attempts to find a job. I found that time and time again people would dismiss my call to their job ads, but in one of the jobs I applied for the man simply denied me because of my age. I am a boy interested in art and this job description was to aid in creating illustrations for a children's book. So, since it perked my interest, I went for it, but was denied any chance and the employer didn't even look at my abilities or my want to simply better myself as an artist and help him as well. I do look back and realize that he most likely wanted a person with more experience and somebody he felt would be more reliable. Yet, his judgement of young people being irresponsible, inexperienced, and unwilling was what bothered me most.

At the end of the day I realize that I am still young, but that many tend not to look down upon me as a young person because I do happen to live in a more modern and liberal city (Austin,TX) in which the society is open to many different things. Despite this I still can find myself feel frustrated at the feeling of being undermined as a young person and instantly being thrown into the category of the 'average teenager.' I may be young, but in the short time I've been on this earth I have at least learned that we all deserve an equal opportunity.

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