Boys and Girls- Spread the Message!

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What's your say ?

What's your say ?

I have come to realize that sex before an affair or marriage is needed to light the torch of courtship. In most parts of Africa, precisely Nigeria, you have a situation where it is necessary, at most compulsory to have sex before marriage. Some say it is tradition and it is necessary to know if the lady is worthwhile. In most spheres, girls are subjected to abide by certain incumbent laws set by profane men. Homes have crumbled due to ignorance. We now have a situation where women bear labor for unwanted pregnancy and deal with sexually transmitted diseases - due to lack of medical care before venturing into a vague act. This disunity has affected youth today, even teens aspiring to be profound adults! We now have a country, filled with boys, men and elders seeking what is destined for a divine early course!

My questions for you:1) Is this act right for a girl or lady to participate? Why?2) What is the situation like in your country?3) As a girl what would you do, if you would/are in this position?4) If you are already in this situation, how did it happen?

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