Bringing nothing out of this world


Inscrit le 30 janvier 2012
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No matter how rich a person is, one came into this world bringing nothing and nothing can one bring out of the world. I think that the Multi/ Billionaires should chip in their money to overcome poverty and hunger in their own countries. No doubt there are poor countries, but there is a fair number of the rich in every country. These rich individuals have collected so much wealth, and have assets that regenerates back millions in a month, so why not take 40 percent of their profits to provide facilities to help overcome poverty in their own country. If most of the tycoons could help make their country a better place, the world would have lesser problems. Besides helping out with reducing poverty, they can also channel their funds to preserve the environment. The government can only do so much on preserving the environment. Countries like India have a major problem the heat as it makes many areas become inhabitable, and also destroying crops. Why not channel funds privately to make a pipeline that carries water to places where it is scarce? Lately in the news there were reports on the Taj Mahal sinking slightly due to lesser water in the river nearby.

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