Bullying can cost lives!


Inscrit le 19 mai 2012
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I feel like bullying is something that has to stop because when ever you say something mean, you hurting someone's feelings and sometimes people even want to kill themselves, because they think everyone hates them, even if that is not true. Also, when I heard about cyber bullying, I was tounched and it also made me think and it hurt me and made me cry when the girl wanted to kill herself. I hope that we can stop bullying and help kids to stop thinking that it is cool to bully someone, when it may even kills them. So, before you say something, think about it before you do it or say it and try to stand up for someone who is getting bullied!

Bullying is a big problem in my country because everybody wants to be cool.If you have any comments, please add them, I need to know how you feel about bullying!

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