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Inscrit le 12 octobre 2013
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There are various topics that have a special effect on children and youth. These topics can range from dance, drama, movies and many more. Once the youth begin to talk about these fun topics, they break into a slow smile. However, when business crops up as a topic, our faces literally flush with attempted effort as our hearts instantly contract.

Business can be defined as an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. It is important for children and youth to have a voice in business, not just because they are the leaders of tomorrow, but rather because we are victims of unfortunate circumstances of life due to one reason or another. We can suggest helpful ways that businesses can engage in corporate social responsibility programmes in a bid to save us from losing hope, feeling worthless and being slaves of our problems that can be solved by speaking out.

In my country, Kenya, there is a hospital called Mater Hospital. In 2004, The Mater Hospital started a program popularly known as Mater Heart Run. Its aim is to assist children with families who cannot afford the cost of cardiac surgery. In 2007 the Mater Hospital took up the initiative and renamed the run "The Mater Heart Run" and continues to sponsor the run to date. This is an annual event that has caught the imagination of many Kenyans. Since it kicked off, the programme has assisted over 2000 children undergo cardiac procedure.

In my opinion, the role that businesses can play in the development and well-being of children is by identifying an issue which is weighing down a big percentage of children in a particular region. Once the problem has been acknowledged, a business can go ahead and introduce programs such as fund raisers in order to assist those struggling children and keep them in a better secure place where they can proceed with their education smoothly. Another alternative is for big, medium, and small organizations to hold competitions for children and youth based on a variety of talents. By doing so, children and youth will feel they are valued and possibly land themselves the dream job they have always desired.

Every single day, children and youth fight for their dreams all their life, and as soon as they get it, it's taken from them by greedy vultures in high positions who only believe in power, influence, and money. This is where business comes in. I strongly believe that If businesses can take up the above recommendations, they can assist in realizing the rights of children.

Name: Lydia

Age: 23 years

Nationality: Kenya

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