Can you be forced to follow a religion?

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Inscrit le 6 mars 2012
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Growing up, religion has been a part of me. From what my family has taught me, religion is supposed to give you a sense of hope and righteousness. I was also told that religion can unite the family. Many different types of religion have been followed and accepted by different people across generations and through life and death situation. But if one is born into a religion and forced to follow its principles doesn't it constitute a violation of human rights?

In America, people have religious freedom but what if you were born into a religion where you had to follow a law based on your religion? And you could be fined or even jailed if you ever broke the rules. Would it be fair?

Growing up, I was exposed to the teaching of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. From my experience with religion, I still cannot understand why and how it is that people are "born into" a specific religion and are forced to follow its principles and its laws. You can just ignore it but when there is a religious law how can you escape from it without taking the chance of going to jail or being disowned by your family?

Wouldn't it better if people had the freedom to follow a religion rather than being forced into it? I know many people who are forced to follow a religion and forced to do things in the name of religion even though they don't believe in it in the first place. I think everyone should have a choice to commit -or not commit- to a religion.

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