Can you change the world?

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Youths - Can you change the world ?

Youths - Can you change the world ?

Do you have what it takes to change the world?
When I am asked this question, as a youth I say to myself - YES! I can make a change. Then I think about it over again. I had barely reasoned to an extent before I new I couldn't: I couldn't change the world, I couldn't affect the lives of the less, I couldn't do anything! "My thoughts are How will I say words that will touch the lives of the less? How will I act? What will I do? Who will I meet? These questions set me in conflict. Then it struck me, hitting me with every power it has, and frustrating my every move. It's fear!
The inability to act, which raises an alarm in the heart of every youth today. It is what held me back from the start. I had fear, so I couldn't do anything lucrative or brilliant. I simply lacked honor and embraced fear because I doubted every thing I said. We are youths; leaders of tomorrow, the torch bearers, the fountain of prosperity, but how can youth amend lives when he is scared to act! This bothers me a lot and I can't figure out why. I believe if each youth can just be a little proactive and take a step forward, all will be well. It doesn't matter if you fail or make a mistake, don't stop! Just keep moving. It's ZEAL that's keeps me moving forward. I still use it today, and you will learn how to KICK out fear!
Equation for today: Zeal + Act = (-)Fear: a reduction in fear But: - Zeal + Act + God's Grace + being Proactive = Zero (fear)

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