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If you want to change the world, start from yourself Mahatma Gandhi

Well, what to start with…

Have you ever thought what it means “to change the world”? Should we change ourselves? Somebody else? Or something around?

Most of us will say about having no possibilities or no time for it, etc. All those are just small lies to calm ourselves down and go on whatever we did before. But is this attitude the one that can protect us, our families or friends? The one that will give us guarantees of peacefulness of the future life? Don't you think it even sounds awkward?

The point is we are responsible not only for our own future but for the future of the world in whole. Somebody calls it the “butterfly effect”, others say about the higher material, but the sense is one: everything is connected and influences one another. We'll never be able to predict all the consequences of our actions, but, believe me, there, for sure, will be some positive ones. And if you want with all your heart to help anybody, nothing can stop your wish from becoming the reality.

Think of the problems of the world level such as poverty, hunger, violations of rights, lack of educational opportunities… It is so hard to imagine how people live with it, what they feel like. To say honestly, I can't do this. We live in the modern society. We, actually, are this modern society. So do you really think that if everyone makes even a small step towards solving these problems, they'll stay unsolved?

Each our act, failed try, kind thought will become first of those small steps toward the better world. Stop thinking it is useless to change anything. It will never be too late for changing for better. E.g., just an ordinary smile can do enough for another person to turn him for the good and kind things in life. There is a huge amount of different charity and volunteer projects. Choose the sphere you like and move on! You can take your old toys to any orphanage, for example. It isn't hard and children will be so happy with receiving them.

One of the most inspiring projects of such kind was started by the UNICEF UK yesterday. It is called #IF. It is the campaign for ending the hunger in the world. I support their idea: “If the world has enough food for everyone, why are people dying of hunger?” Despite not being the UK citizen, I'm really excited about this project. It is amazing and I hope it will succeed.

In the end I ask you to remember: a long way starts with a small step. Make your small steps towards the better world!

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